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Short Ruby on Rails screencasts containing tips, tricks and tutorials. Great for both novice and experienced web developers.
Mandrill is a new way for apps to send transactional email. It runs on the delivery infrastructure that powers MailChimp.
API: Documentation14,790Webslate, apidoc »Create docs for your API.
Animations164,945Webdesign, JavascriptDraftanimate.css, velocity and 3 more »Super-smooth CSS3 and Javascript transformations.
Apps: Chat Servers5,358Webkandan, Balloons.IO and 1 more »Complete team chat apps for self-hosting and code review.
Business Advice61WebDraftLearningToWalk »Various bits of good business writing by and for developers from around the web.
Buttons9,510WebdesignDraftButtons, css3-buttons and 4 more »
Command line: Customize your terminal58,372Weboh-my-zsh, dotfiles »Customize your terminal and speed up common operations with shortcuts and more.
Email Templates25,076Webdesignfoundation-emails, mjml »Templates for making great custom email layouts for use in Mailchimp, Campaign Montior or to send transactional emails yourself.
Form Helpers777Javascript, WebdesignDraftBootstrapFormHelpers »Inputs prefilled with countries, states, and phone number formatting.
Git Servers20,020Webgitlabhq, bananajour »Self-hosted git servers for collaboration in development.
Grids19,792WebdesignDraftneat, susy and 3 more »
Icon Fonts102,306WebdesignDraftFont-Awesome, material-design-icons and 5 more »
Interview Training11,773WebFront-end-Developer-Interview-Questions, code-problems »Common questions for developers' job interviews. Be prepared, dude.
Learning Git80,963Webgitignore, gitflow and 5 more »Basic and advanced Git wizardry. Includes guides, workflows, branching models, and more.
Modals15,343Javascript, WebdesignDraftvex, Modaal »
Prelaunch and Landing Pages222WebdesignDraftnotify-me, ComingSoon and 2 more »Create a prelaunch website where people can signup to receive more information as soon as your product or service is ready.
Rule-based actions1,395WebDraftmaid »'If this then that' for your local files.
Styleguides15,865WebdesignDraftcode-guide, idiomatic-css and 1 more »
Sublime Text Plugins32,045Webcolour-schemes, emmet-sublime and 18 more »Notable packages and themes for the Sublime Text Editor.
System daemon helpers1,221Weblunchy »Starting and stopping system daemons.
Texteditors43,978Webbrackets, textmate and 3 more »A bunch of great open-source text editors. Please note that open-source does not always mean free.
Tooltips22,918Javascript, WebdesignDrafthint.css, popper.js and 7 more »Tooltips and Popovers
Uptime Monitoring3,289Webuptime »Can users reach your service? If not, you'll instantly be notified.
Vim Plugins73,350WebYouCompleteMe, spf13-vim and 8 more »Plugins for the Vim editor.
Webdesign Frameworks247,229WebdesignDraftbootstrap, html5-boilerplate and 11 more »Speed up your web design by leveraging common elements.
Working with Heroku14,577Webforeman, dotfiles »Tips and tricks for deploying to Heroku.