paperclip by thoughtbot8,876EditEasy file attachment management for ActiveRecord February 13, 2018 10:07
File Uploads26,713Rubypaperclip, carrierwave and 13 more »Uploading files and attaching them to models can be a hassle. These projects save your day. Send uploads to your server or directly to a storage providers such as Amazon's S3. Track attachments to your models.
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Rails 3 Project enabling Multiple file uploads via Uploadify + Paperclip Gem
Process your Paperclip attachments in the background with delayed_job or Resque.
Storage module to official 'aws-sdk' gem for Amazon S3
Dropbox storage support for paperclip file attachment
Process your Paperclip attachments in the background using Mongoid and Resque.
Enhances default Paperclip functionality.