omniauth by intridea5,862Staff pickEditOmniAuth is a flexible authentication system utilizing Rack middleware. June 22, 2016 08:13
User Authentication37,247Rubydevise, omniauth and 5 more »Allow users to authenticate with your app by providing them with dedicated user accounts. Authenticate with email and password or via Facebook or Twitter oAuth.
Working with Twitter18,085Rubyomniauth, twitter and 9 more »Access Twitter with a dedicated API client, or authenticate users via oAuth.
Working with Github15,300Rubyomniauth, octokit.rb and 8 more »Interact with the Github API or authenticate users via oAuth.
oAuth Authentication and Servers12,070Rubyomniauth, doorkeeper and 9 more »Become an oAuth provider, and add oAuth authentication to your app. Add a security layer to your API.
Working with Facebook10,537Rubyomniauth, koala »Gems and links that help with reading from and writing to Facebook.
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