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Recurly provides recurring billing management as a service to over one thousand subscription-based companies worldwide.
Ensure that all your new code is fully covered, and see coverage trends emerge. Works with any CI service. Always free for open source.
A/B Testing3,842JavascriptDraftsixpack, abba and 4 more »Test your assumptions, and increase your website's conversion.
API: Documentation15,415Webslate, apidoc »Create docs for your API.
Alerts4,568JavascriptDraftalertify.js, message »Alert, prompt and confirm boxes to communicate with the end-users.
Animations175,813Webdesign, JavascriptDraftanimate.css, anime and 3 more »Super-smooth CSS3 and Javascript transformations.
Annotations and footnotes33JavascriptDraftjquery-inline-footnotes »Show additional information on the hovered element.
Apps: Chat Servers5,351Webkandan, Balloons.IO and 1 more »Complete team chat apps for self-hosting and code review.
Autosize Textareas3,435JavascriptDraftautosize, jquery-autogrow and 1 more »Autogrow textareas for a better user input experience.
Bootstrap Plugins23,467JavascriptDraftbootstrap-datepicker, bootstrap-daterangepicker and 3 more »
Business Advice61WebDraftLearningToWalk »Various bits of good business writing by and for developers from around the web.
Client-side Frameworks154,025JavascriptDraftangular.js, ember.js and 10 more »
Command line: Customize your terminal65,011Weboh-my-zsh, dotfiles »Customize your terminal and speed up common operations with shortcuts and more.
Dashboards20,617Javascriptdashing, freeboard and 3 more »Dashboard frameworks and widgets architectures.
Date Pickers46,554JavascriptDraftbootstrap-datepicker, flatpickr and 5 more »Select Dates and Date Ranges in a nice looking visual way.
Document Viewer642JavascriptDraftdocument-viewer »Display images as complete documents and provide an interface for reading.
Draggable Layouts23,648JavascriptDraftmasonry, gridster.js and 3 more »
Drawing Charts61,655JavascriptDraftChart.js, chartist-js »
Edit in Place12,057Javascript, RubyDraftx-editable, mercury and 5 more »Edit content in place in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get style.
Email Checkers4,536JavascriptDraftmailcheck »Email domain spelling suggestors. Reduce your bounce rates.
Feature tours and guiders41,675Javascriptintro.js, shepherd and 9 more »Guide your users around your website, highlight features und how to use your service.
File Uploads52,056JavascriptDraftjQuery-File-Upload, dropzone and 3 more »
Follow development114,117JavascriptDraftreact, mathjs and 2 more »
Form Field Blueprints1,895JavascriptDraftjquery.maskedinput »Help users formatting their form entries correctly.
Form Helpers777Javascript, WebdesignDraftBootstrapFormHelpers »Inputs prefilled with countries, states, and phone number formatting.
Form Validations9,414JavascriptParsley.js, validatr and 2 more »Validate form inputs on the client side.
Frameworks: Scripting & Command Line Applications12,168Ruby, JavascriptDraftthor, tty and 7 more »Build command line applications, and manage repetitive tasks with style.
Git Servers20,562Webgitlabhq, bananajour »Self-hosted git servers for collaboration in development.
Grid Layouts30,326JavascriptDraftmasonry, gridster.js and 4 more »
HTTP Clients6,705JavascriptDraftrequest, amygdala »Perform HTTP Requests easily.
Image Sliders47,794JavascriptDraftslick, FlexSlider and 10 more »Build image galleries, and slide images with style.
Interactive Interfaces65,723Javascriptangular.js, ractive »Data binding, templating helpers and more...
Interview Training11,849WebFront-end-Developer-Interview-Questions, code-problems »Common questions for developers' job interviews. Be prepared, dude.
Keyboard Input19,926JavascriptDraftmousetrap, keymaster and 4 more »Define and handle Keyboard Shortcuts.
Learning Git88,179Webgitignore, gitflow and 5 more »Basic and advanced Git wizardry. Includes guides, workflows, branching models, and more.
Maps26,537JavascriptLeaflet, gmaps »Display fancy maps with custom markers that your users can interact with.
Markdown: On-Page Editors28,701JavascriptDraftstackedit, dillinger and 3 more »
On-Screen Keyboards1,114JavascriptDraftKeyboard »Virtual keyboards and keypads on your website.
Presentations and Slideshows89,489JavascriptDraftreveal.js, impress.js and 9 more »Create amazing Presentations for the Web. Some projects allow for exporting your work in PDF.
Rich-Text Editors40,614JavascriptDraftquill, slate »
Rule-based actions1,416WebDraftmaid »'If this then that' for your local files.
Scrolling83,878JavascriptDraftscrollreveal.js, scrollreveal.js and 8 more »
Selects & Multiple Selects63,604JavascriptDraftselect2, chosen and 1 more »
Shells in the browser346Javascriptjosh.js »Toolkit for building a bash-like shell in the browser.
Sort & Filter25,051JavascriptDraftSortable, isotope and 6 more »
Sticky Headers & Items2,, jQuery-Stickem and 1 more »Make headers or boxes sticky and stack or replace one another as you scroll past them.
Sublime Text Plugins32,918Webcolour-schemes, emmet-sublime and 18 more »Notable packages and themes for the Sublime Text Editor.
System daemon helpers1,221Weblunchy »Starting and stopping system daemons.
Tables and grids39,338JavascriptSlickGrid, DataTables and 16 more »Build sortable tables with editable columns, much like Spreadsheets, or just display grids of sortable data.
Tags & Tagging56,501JavascriptDraftselect2, chosen and 1 more »
Texteditors45,044Webbrackets, textmate and 3 more »A bunch of great open-source text editors. Please note that open-source does not always mean free.
Time & Date17,532JavascriptDraftmoment, jquery-timeago and 7 more »Time and date handling, relative timestamps and timeagos and more.
Tooltips25,317Javascript, WebdesignDrafthint.css, popper.js and 7 more »Tooltips and Popovers
Twitter5,247JavascriptDrafttwit, twitter-text-js and 3 more »Embed tweets, and interact with the Twitter API.
UI Toolkits413JavascriptDraftjQuery-jKit »Toolboxes that provide a lot of cross-browser friendly common web interface elements.
URL Parsers1,732JavascriptDraftjs-url »Parse URLs to extract subdomains or do some other stuff.
Uptime Monitoring3,349Webuptime »Can users reach your service? If not, you'll instantly be notified.
Utility Libraries8,647JavascriptDraftunderscore »Useful toolboxes providing basic functions.
Vim Plugins77,302WebYouCompleteMe, spf13-vim and 8 more »Plugins for the Vim editor.
Visualization146,540JavascriptDraftd3, Chart.js and 11 more »Draw charts, graphs and more interactively from structured data.
Visualization: Time Series Charts52,000JavascriptDraftrickshaw, metrics-graphics and 5 more »Graphing for time series.
WYSIWYG55,105JavascriptDraftquill, trix »
Web Analytics13,165JavascriptDraftanalytics.js, cube and 5 more »Collect and visualize events and metrics, and export them to external services.
Widgets2,996JavascriptDraftaura »Architecture for widget-based applications.
Working with Autocompleting Searches24,331Javascript, Rubytypeahead.js, awesomplete and 5 more »Autocomplete user inputs for a great user experience.
Working with Heroku15,140Webforeman, dotfiles »Tips and tricks for deploying to Heroku.
Working with LaTeX965JavascriptDrafttexlive.js »Render LaTeX live in the browser.
Zooming Image Details876JavascriptDraftelevatezoom »Highlight image details and zoom into images.