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Gem to create tables grids with sortable columns and filters
A Rails grid plugin to create grids with sorting, pagination, and (automatically generated) filters
Rails builder for creating tables and calendars inspired by ActionView's FormBuilder.
A very JS enhanced Tabulatr edition. Rails4, Ruby 2 required
simple helper to render table using given collection
A smart table builder for Rails collections
A tight DSL to build tables of ActiveRecord or Mongoid models with sorting, pagination, finding/filtering, selecting and batch actions. Tries to do for tables what formtastic and simple_form did for forms.
Adds a helper method for generating HTML tables from collections
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ActiveRecord: Sortable lists3,492Rubyacts_as_list, ranked-model and 3 more »Persist the positioning of your records in a certain order. Includes view helpers for displaying sortable lists and tables, and drag-and-drop GUIs for positioning the records.
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