Static SitesRuby52,232EditBuild static sites using all your favorite gems and compile them to HTML, CSS and Javascript when deploying.
:globe_with_meridians: Jekyll is a blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby
Hand-crafted frontend development
A Content Editor for GitHub.
Easily include static pages in your Rails app.
A powerful web publishing system
Static sites made powerful
A lightweight CMS, implemented in Sinatra.
Serve is a small Rack-based web server and rapid prototyping framework for Web applications (specifically Rails apps). Serve is meant to be a lightweight version of the Views part of the Rails MVC. This makes Serve an ideal framework for prototyping Rails applications or creating simple websites. Serve has full support for Rails-style partials and layouts.
Rack middleware and application for serving dynamic pages in very simple way.
Flexible static sites generator suitable even for big and complex sites with dynamically generated pages such as pages for each tag etc (not on the fly obviously as it just produces HTML).
A static site generator.
A tiny static web site generator
Static Site Non-Framework
A basic Ruby/Rack app for publishing a static HTML/CSS/javascript website on Heroku (for free)
This project is deaaaad. You should use something like Middleman instead. It's pretty nice.
A static site generator and Rack server built using Sprockets 2.0
Deplot is a lightweight and very extensible static web site generator written in ruby
Prototyping tool / website preprocessor.
A Rack application for serving static sites
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