SpreadsheetsRuby9,286EditImport and export spreadsheet data in .xls and .csv formats and more.
xlsx generation with charts, images, automated column width, customizable styles and full schema validation. Axlsx excels at helping you generate beautiful Office Open XML Spreadsheet documents without having to understand the entire ECMA specification. Check out the README for some examples ...
Roo provides an interface to Open Office, Excel, and Google Spreadsheets.
Ruby Gem for smarter importing of CSV Files as Array(s) of Hashes, with optional features for processing large files in parallel, embedded comments, unusual field- and record-separators, flexible mapping of CSV-headers to Hash-keys
Ruby lib for reading/writing/modifying .xlsx and .xlsm files
The Ruby Spreadsheet by ywesee GmbH
SpreadsheetArchitect lets you turn any activerecord relation or ruby object collection into a XLSX, ODS, or CSV spreadsheet
A Rails plugin to provide templates for the axlsx gem
Read text and metadata from files and documents (.doc, .docx, .pages, .odt, .rtf, .pdf)
Comma is a small CSV (ie. comma separated values) generation extension for Ruby objects, that lets you seamlessly define a CSV output format via a small DSL
Beautiful DSL for creating CSV output in Ruby & Rails
Simple spreadsheet is a Ruby Gem reader for common spreadsheet formats: Excel (.xls, .xlsx), Open-office (.ods) and CSV (standard, excel, tab separated)
Open Google Docs spreadsheets, local or remote XLSX, XLS, ODS, CSV (comma separated), TSV (tab separated), other delimited, fixed-width files, and shapefiles. Returns an Array of Arrays or Hashes, depending on whether there are headers.
Render XLSX from Rails using existing views (html ⇒ xlsx)
Ruby lib for reading/writing/modifying .xlsx and .xlsm files
Bend CSVs to your will with declarative schemas.
Export Rails ActiveRecord data to excel file.
convert your csv data and html tables to excel data.
100 Pirates agree that creating CSVs is boring. Pirates prefer to be lazy. Pirates use CsvPirate.http://you are looking at it!
This gem transform an Array into a excel file using the spreadsheet gem.
A Rails plugin to handle the mapping of an uploaded CSV file to an expected format
Download, unpack from a ZIP/TAR/GZ/BZ2 archive, parse, correct, convert units and import Google Spreadsheets, XLS, ODS, XML, CSV, HTML, etc. into your ActiveRecord models. Uses RemoteTable gem internally.
A Rails plugin to generate xls documents by using rxls templates.
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