Stand-alone parallax scrolling library for mobile (Android + iOS) and desktop. No jQuery. Just plain JavaScript (and some love).
Easy scroll animations for web and mobile browsers.
Easy scroll animations for web and mobile browsers.
The javascript library for magical scroll interactions.
Create an Apple-like one page scroller website (iPhone 5S website) with One Page Scroll plugin
jQuery and Wordpress plugins for infinite scroll
A modern smooth scrolling library.
Lightweight, cross-browser and highly customizable animated scrolling with jQuery
A jQuery plugin that offers a simplistic way of implementing Lion OS scrollbars.
A lightweight scroll animation javascript library without any dependency
UITableViews for the web (DEPRECATED)
roll and scroll tracking -- a tiny javascript library
OS X Lion style cross-browser native scrolling on the web that gets out of the way.
A JavaScript module to smooth-scroll web pages and other scrollable elements
A jQuery plugin allowing elements to follow the user as they scroll a page.
A jQuery plugin for replacing default browser scrollbars.
:scroll: A leak free performance focused scroll util
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You're looking for Waypoints.
The jQuery plugin for doing cool scrolly stuff. NOTE: No longer under active development. New version is ScrollMagic.js
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