Scheduling Recurring Background JobsDraftRuby19,297EditCron jobs for Ruby. Schedule jobs with a certain frequency, at certain times or events.
👨🏻‍💻 Monitor your cron jobs
scheduler for Ruby (at, in, cron and every jobs)
Ruby Date Recurrence Library - Allows easy creation of recurrence rules and fast querying
A scheduler process to replace cron.
A light-weight job scheduling system built on top of resque
Lightweight job scheduler extension for Sidekiq
A time-based background job scheduler daemon (just like Cron) for Rails
Recurring events library for Ruby
A simple library that handles recurring events.
parses cron expressions and calculates the next occurence after a given date
An enhancement for Heroku Scheduler + Sidekiq for scheduling jobs at specific times.
Highly available distributed cron built on RDBMS
Rails engine to manage and supervise your batch jobs. Based on sidekiq.
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