Interactors / Commands / Service Objects / Use CasesRuby4,465EditCompose business logic into commands that sanitize and validation input. Extends form objects and form models to perform defined transformations with your data.
Interactor provides a common interface for performing complex user interactions.
Compose your business logic into commands that sanitize and validate input.
:briefcase: Manage application specific business logic.
Series of Actions with an emphasis on simplicity.
Create encapsulated systems of objects and focus on their interactions
Conduct operations in a standardized, testable way
Manage application logic with Interactors
Tzu is a library for issuing commands in Ruby
Tradesman lets you invoke human-readble classes that handle the pass, fail, and invalid cases of common create, update, and delete actions.
A small abstraction for encapsulating non-trivial business logic in Ruby applications
A flexible use case pattern that works *with* your workflow, not against it.
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Form models10,684Rubyvirtus, reform »Tableless models. Including validation, and ActiveModel behaviour. Great for forms that create multiple records.
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