Frameworks: Scripting & Command Line ApplicationsDraftRuby, Javascript12,435EditBuild command line applications, and manage repetitive tasks with style.
Thor is a toolkit for building powerful command-line interfaces.
Toolbox for developing CLI clients.
A higher level command-line oriented interface.
Make awesome command-line applications the easy way
Simple Lightweight Option Parsing
A small library for doing (command) lines.
A make-like build utility for Ruby.
The complete solution for Ruby command-line executables
A beautiful and powerful interactive command line prompt
a Ruby command-line application framework
A framework for building command-line applications
A simple to use, yet powerful Ruby framework for building console-based applications.
Take the edge off when doing (command) lines.
A full-featured MVC framework for writing command line apps inspired by GLI, Rails and JSR-311
Command-line Ruby Utilities Shipped as Classes
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