Form Builders for RailsRuby18,454EditGenerate complex forms with readable markup. These form builders help you manage nested associations and more.
Forms made easy for Rails! It's tied to a simple DSL, with no opinion on markup.
A Rails form builder plugin with semantically rich and accessible markup.
Dynamic nested forms using jQuery made easy; works with formtastic, simple_form or default forms
Rails plugin to conveniently handle multiple models in a single form.
Send e-mail straight from forms in Rails with I18n, validations, attachments and request information.
Bootstrap Form is a Rails form builder that makes it super easy to create beautiful-looking forms with Twitter Bootstrap 3+. Wraps the standard Rails form helpers so it's practically a drop-in replacement.
HTML forms library for ruby
Example application with SimpleForm and Twitter Bootstrap
Shaper is a nifty little form builder replacement for Ruby on Rails.
Form handling for Ruby inspired by Django forms.
SMERF is a Ruby on Rails plugin that allows you to easily create dynamic forms which you can use for surveys, questionnaires, data collection and other forms. It records which forms a user have completed and saves the users responses so that they can easily be analysed via SQL. Currently forms are defined using YAML files.
Easily use any Plain Old Ruby Object as the model for Rails form helpers.
A Rails form generator that creates simple markup
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