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Create agents that monitor and act on your behalf. Your agents are standing by!
Watches files and records, or triggers actions, when they change.
:microscope: A Ruby library for carefully refactoring critical paths.
👨🏻‍💻 Monitor your cron jobs
A high-level architecture for the web.
Do some browser detection with Ruby. Includes ActionController integration.
Efficient, Immutable, Thread-Safe Collection classes for Ruby
A Rails gem to send messages inside a web application
Fast and distributed workflow runner using only Sidekiq and Redis
Email subscriptions made easy
SchemaPlus provides ActiveRecord support for foreign keys, database defined validations and associations.
Ruby on Rails data listing gem with built-in sorting, filtering and in-place editing.
your personal string matching expert
An Automatic Automated Test Writer
An awesome utility to manage all your processes in development environment
Happy database triggers for ActiveRecord
Your companion for file downloads in Ruby
A tool for detecting missing unique indexes in Rails projects
Get gender from first name in ruby.
Simple Ruby implementations of some common monads.
The friendly gem that instruments everything for you, like I would if I could.
A nifty service layer for your Rails app
Interactor Rails provides Rails support for the Interactor gem.
Copy active record models from remote databases
Yet another Futures implementation in Ruby
Enhanced AJAX handling for Rails apps
Create encapsulated systems of objects and focus on their interactions
VCR not enough? Record arbitrary method invocations for later playback.
after_do allows you to add simple callbacks to methods
LanguageFilter is a Ruby gem to detect and optionally filter multiple categories of language.
HTML5 Application Assembler
The fastest way to delete 100k+ rows with ActiveRecord
Pow .dev sites, meet SSL and HTTP/2
A simple observer implementation on POROs (Plain Old Ruby Object) and ActiveRecord objects.
Ambry is a database and ORM replacement for (mostly) static models and small datasets. It provides ActiveModel compatibility, and flexible searching and storage.
Distributed non-chatty feature switches
A Rails extension for providing awesome user-initiated string interpolation
Specify queries to be sent all at once to the database. Save round trips!
Ruby wrapper for correcting spelling and grammar mistakes based on the context of complete sentences.
Use postgres to trigger custom events
DSL to describe, document and test web services
Ruby: Caching library to simplify and organize caching
Application boilerplate for something
Rack middleware that silences the rails/rack logger for specific actions
render :partial lazy-loader for Rails
Test::Page helps you to write easily maintainable integration tests using Watir, Selenium or any other testing library by implementing Page Objects pattern.
A simple concurrent futures library for Ruby with the goal of making concurrent/asynchronous programming easier.
Render Rails templates to a string from any class.
Simplifies querying of structured data using relational algebra
Persistence gem for Ruby objects using the Data Mapper pattern
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