pluginGeek is a simple plugin for web and mobile uploads. No messing with JQuery plugins. Ask for a file. Get a URL. It just works.
File UploadsRuby25,254EditUploading files and attaching them to models can be a hassle. These projects save your day. Send uploads to your server or directly to a storage providers such as Amazon's S3. Track attachments to your models.
Easy file attachment management for ActiveRecord
Classier solution for file uploads for Rails, Sinatra and other Ruby web frameworks
Ruby file uploads, take 3
A Ruby gem for on-the-fly processing - suitable for image uploading in Rails, Sinatra and much more!
File Attachment toolkit for Ruby applications
Rails jQuery file uploads via standard Rails "remote: true" forms.
Enable direct multipart uploads to S3 in Rails
Boxroom is a Rails application that aims to be a simple interface for managing and sharing files in a web browser. It lets users create folders and upload, download and share files. Admins can manage users, groups and permissions.
Attachments handler for Rails that uses Cloudinary for storage.
Cloudinary GEM for Ruby on Rails integration
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[DEPRECATED] Easy AJAX file uploading in Rails
Rack middleware to handle raw file uploads
Explicit image processing based on Dragonfly.
Adds form, image_tag, and download/save helpers to help you get up and running with in Rails.
Transloadit's official Rails SDK, maintained by the community
Ruby Gem for signing imgix URLs.
Rails wrapper for Uploadcare
Rails plugin which provides a form helper to upload files directly to Amazon's S3 using an HTTP POST
Upload directly to S3 and optionally process images using SQS and RMagick
A file attachment tool that lets users upload to the cloud
Adds helpers to your models and views and preview images in forms with filepicker. Supports multiple configurations
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