Create PDF documentsRuby13,171EditWant to print some PDFs in Ruby? Here are your options.
Fast, Nimble PDF Writer for Ruby
A Ruby gem to transform HTML + CSS into PDFs using the command-line utility wkhtmltopdf
PDF generator (from HTML) plugin for Ruby on Rails
Simple shell utility to convert html to pdf using the webkit rendering engine, and qt.
Versatile PDF creation and manipulation for Ruby
Utility for converting markup files to pdf files
A framework for creating e-books from Markdown using Ruby. Using the Prince PDF generator, you'll be able to get high quality PDFs. Also supports EPUB, Mobi, Text and HTML generation.
A simple Rails wrapper for the PrinceXML PDF generation library.
a phantomjs based pdf renderer
The Alien device to convert Markdown and Textile files to HTML or PDF
RGhost is a document creation and conversion API. It uses the Ghostscript framework for the format conversion, utilizes EPS templates and is optimized to work with larger documents. Support(PDF,PS,GIF,TIF,PNG,JPG,etc)
A Rails plugin for leveraging the Prawn library to produce compiled pdf views
A command line HTML to PDF converter for Mac OS X
bookShop is a publishing framework for html-to-pdf/(e)book toolchain happiness and sustainable productivity.
ruby wrapper for the pdftk command line utility for working with editable pdf files
Simple documents, templates and helpers on top of Prawn.
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