CountriesRuby5,180EditSelect countries in Rails, get a lot of info and formatting help with country data. Includes infos on phone numbers, currencies, postal addresses and more.
World countries in JSON, CSV, XML and Yaml. Any help is welcome!
All sorts of useful information about every country packaged as convenient little country objects. It includes data from ISO 3166 (countries and states/subdivisions ), ISO 4217 (currency), and E.164 (phone numbers).
NOT ACTIVELY MAINTAINED Rails adapter for Carmen (provides country_select and subregion_select)
A Ruby library that provides ISO 3166-1 country codes/names and ISO 4217 currencies
Worldwise knows things. About continents. About countries. About regions. About languages. About locales. About currencies. About you. Well... maybe not about you, but still pretty impressive, huh?
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