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Acceptance test framework for web applications
Collection of RSpec/MiniTest matchers and Cucumber steps for testing email in a ruby app using ActionMailer or Pony
A Page Object Model DSL for Capybara
Automatically save screen shots when a Capybara scenario fails
Easily handle JSON in RSpec and Cucumber
Simplify form filling with Capybara
Test your ActionMailer and Mailer messages with Capybara
Capybara driver that makes accessibility assertions in RSpec feature tests
Complements Capybara with additional finders and matchers.
Chop your specs in half with Splinter, a collection of helpers to submit forms with RSpec and Capybara.
Cookie manipulation for Capybara (view, delete, …)
Roles and page objects for Capybara integration testing - Formerly called Dill
Chop up all the cucumbers into a fresh delicious salad.
Swiss army-knife of utilities for Capybara and ActiveSupport::TestCase
napybara == nested capybara. Featured in
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