API BuildersRuby35,639EditDevelop APIs with nice and consistent APIs. Your user's will love you.
An opinionated framework for creating REST-like APIs in Ruby.
Jbuilder: generate JSON objects with a Builder-style DSL
A resource-focused Rails library for developing JSON API compliant servers.
JSON Schema tools and doc generation for HTTP APIs
Parse and render REST API documents using representers.
Parse and render REST API documents using representers.
API building tools on top of ActionController. Also, an awesome name.
An opinionated toolkit for writing excellent APIs in Ruby.
Maps representation documents from and to Ruby objects. Includes JSON, XML and YAML support, plain properties and compositions.
makes creating API responses in Rails easy and fun
Rails extension for RESTful Hypermedia API
Entities - a simple Facade to use with your models and API - extracted from Grape.
Praxis is a framework that focuses on both the design and implementation aspects of creating APIs.
Adapters-based API serializers with Hypermedia support for Ruby apps.
A collection of Rack middleware to support JSON Schema.
The Brainstem gem provides a framework for converting ActiveRecord objects into a great JSON API. Brainstem Presenters allow easy application of user-requested sorts, filters, and association loads, allowing for simpler implementations, fewer requests, and smaller responses.
Ruby library for building hypermedia APIs
A demo Grape API mounted on RACK.
Create a Microservice in Rails with minimal ceremony
A simple framework for building APIs with Grape
Model serialization, paging, side-loading and filtering
Easily create robust, standardized API endpoints using lightning-fast database queries
Pico web framework for building API-centric web applications
Plain old Ruby for generating primitive data structures from object graphs.
Write excellent APIs in Ruby
Extensions to Rails to get ActiveResource to function more like ActiveRecord
[Deprecated] Encore provides serializers and persisters to build JSON API-compliant Web services with Ruby on Rails.
Create web app APIs that respond to one or more formats using an elegant DSL.
CRUD through HTTP is a good step forward to using resources and becoming RESTful. Another step further into it is to make use of hypermedia-based services and the Restfulie gem allows you to do it very quickly.
Make building RESTful APIs on Rails easier.
Friggin' fast Serializer gem extracted from chetan's adjustments to json_serialization_benchmark
Provides Javascript a simple API to the Ruby on Rails CRUD.
A tiny, HAL-compliant JSON presenter for your Ruby APIs.
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