ActiveRecord: Versioning and auditingRuby8,839EditTrack changes to your models' data. Audit updates and keep a history of revisions.
Track changes to your models' data. Good for auditing or versioning.
Audited (formerly acts_as_audited) is an ORM extension that logs all changes to your Rails models.
Database changes log for Rails
Keep a DRY history of your ActiveRecord models' changes
Audit activerecord models like a boss (and works with rails 4!)
A simple(r) auditing / version tracking library for Rails (ActiveRecord). Developed and tested for Rails 3.2 onwards. Should work with earlier Rails 3 versions but no guarantee. Should be easy to tweak it though.
Rails 3 auditing of your ActiveRecord model changes
Records changes to ActiveRecord models
Track changes ActiveRecord models and stores in MongoDB
Rails 3 update of acts_as_versioned
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Activity Tracking3,184Rubypublic_activity, rails_event_store »Track and display changes to your models, e.g. in an activity stream / feed.
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