ActiveRecord: Trees, hierarchies & nested recordsRuby8,630EditEasily and efficiently make your ActiveRecord model support hierarchies.
Organise ActiveRecord model into a tree structure
An awesome replacement for acts_as_nested_set and better_nested_set.
Rails plugin to conveniently handle multiple models in a single form.
Easily and efficiently make your ActiveRecord models support hierarchies
ActsAsTree -- Extends ActiveRecord to add simple support for organizing items into parent–children relationships.
Nested Set + Drag&Drop GUI. Very fast! Best render helper! 2000 nodes/sec. Ready for rails 4
Enhances ActiveRecord with nested hierarchies.
Quick #rebuild! method implementation for closure_tree on PostgreSQL
Saves a tree in a table, fast. Official version moved to
Fully featured tree implementation for Mongoid 2 using the nested set model
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ActiveRecord: Sortable lists3,492Rubyacts_as_list, ranked-model and 3 more »Persist the positioning of your records in a certain order. Includes view helpers for displaying sortable lists and tables, and drag-and-drop GUIs for positioning the records.
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