ActiveModel: Custom ValidationsRuby4,535EditValidate email, social profiles, urls, dates or post addresses and much more.
Date and time validation plugin for ActiveModel and Rails. Supports multiple ORMs and allows custom date/time formats.
Data validation based on predicate logic
A simple, ORM agnostic, Ruby 1.9 compatible date validator for Rails 3, based on ActiveModel.http://
Active Model Validations for Email using mail gem
Validate e-mail addreses against RFC 2822 and RFC 3696 with this Ruby on Rails plugin and gem.
Validates european vat numbers. Standalone or as a ActiveModel validator.
Gem for Rails 3 and 4, that helps validate overlap
A Ruby gem to assist with collecting and formatting international addresses
Introspects your database string field maximum lengths and automatically defines length validations.
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Suite of macros and matchers to get your RSpec on steroids.
Allow the validation of uniqueness across multiple models
Validation of attributes that use masks in the form input.
A simple Rails plugin which adds a validates_email class method to ActiveRecord::Base.
Adds support for validating the format/length of email addresses
validates_email is a Rails 3 plugin that validates email addresses against RFC 2822 and RFC 3696
Advanced E-mail address validation library in Ruby
Validates wether a Rails association belongs to the same owner
A Rails plugin that adds validation sets to Active Record
Validate associated models, and aggregate their errors onto the primary model
Validates Rails model belongs_to association existence
A PORO Validations library. Now.
Library for performing validations on DM models and pure Ruby object
ISBN Validation for ActiveRecord Models
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