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A/B Testing with two or more different versions of your website. See which one performs better.
Short Ruby on Rails screencasts containing tips, tricks and tutorials. Great for both novice and experienced web developers.
A/B Testing7,858Rubysplit, ahoy and 5 more »Track what matters, and optimize your conversion rates. Get insight into what matters most in your sales funnel, and make more money with your existing service or product.
API Builders29,409Rubygrape, rails-api and 11 more »Develop APIs with nice and consistent APIs. Your user's will love you.
API Caching and Rate Limiting3,392Rubyrack-attack, api_cache and 1 more »Optimize your API's performance and behavior.
API Versioning2,547Rubyrocket_pants, versionist and 3 more »Versioning your APIs can help keep consistency while moving at a fast pace. Don't screw your API consumers.
API testing3,133RubyDraftairborne, rspec_api_documentation »
API: Clients for popular services1,691Rubylinkedin, gmail and 2 more »Great Ruby wrappers for APIs of popular web services. Interface with Facebook, Twitter, and more.
API: Create Ruby API Clients2,897Rubynestful, active-rest-client and 2 more »Build an API client for your favorite web service.
API: Documentation12,718Webslate, apidoc »Create docs for your API.
API: Great API examples1,350Rubybcx-api, api-documentation »Docs of great APIs to reference when building your own implementations.
ActionMailer: Email Previews7,445Rubymailcatcher, letter_opener and 3 more »Preview emails easily in development instead of sending them. Test the visual design of your emails.
ActiveModel: Custom Validations3,582Rubyvalidates_timeliness, dry-validation and 25 more »Validate email, social profiles, urls, dates or post addresses and much more.
ActiveRecord: Caching1,304Rubyidentity_cache, record-cache »Specify how you want to cache your model objects, at the model level, and adds a number of convenience methods for accessing those objects through the cache.
ActiveRecord: Comments3,342Rubyacts_as_commentable, juvia and 1 more »Enable comments for your posts.
ActiveRecord: Data Migrations430Rubylarge-hadron-migrator, data_migrator »Migrate data schemas between different formats, including some schema versioning.
ActiveRecord: Database Sharding2,546Rubyoctopus, db-charmer and 2 more »Distribute data across multiple databases.
ActiveRecord: Flags341Rubyflag_shih_tzu »Flag implementations apart from a range of boolean fields on your model.
ActiveRecord: Importing data2,042Rubyactiverecord-import, bulk_insert »Bulk insert data.
ActiveRecord: Miscellaneous2,007Rubyactive_scaffold, upsert and 2 more »Various ActiveRecord extensions.
ActiveRecord: Multitenant Apps2,030Rubyapartment, acts_as_tenant and 2 more »Various approaches for separating data for different customers of yours.
ActiveRecord: Named scopes13,692Rubyransack, squeel and 10 more »With scopes you can make your database queries more precise. Named scopes help you reuse these helpers.
ActiveRecord: Normalize attributes755Rubyattribute_normalizer, strip_attributes and 1 more »Sanitize user input before saving it to the database. Strip whitespace, html tags and more.
ActiveRecord: Rating / Liking / Voting6,251Rubyrecommendable, activerecord-reputation-system and 10 more »Tag, rate, vote or like records, and build social networks around these data points.
ActiveRecord: Schema annotations3,471Rubyannotate_models, railroady »Annotate ActiveRecord models with table schema data.
ActiveRecord: Seeds3,309Rubyseed_dump, seed-fu and 3 more »Define seed data for your databases.
ActiveRecord: Serialized attributes725Rubyactiverecord-postgres-hstore, store_configurable and 1 more »Store hashes and more in Postgres and other SQL datastores.
ActiveRecord: Soft Destroying2,335Rubyparanoia, ruby-destroyed_at and 6 more »Mark records as destroyed instead of actually removing them. Recover them later on.
ActiveRecord: Sortable lists2,826Rubyacts_as_list, datagrid and 3 more »Persist the positioning of your records in a certain order. Includes view helpers for displaying sortable lists and tables, and drag-and-drop GUIs for positioning the records.
ActiveRecord: Trees, hierarchies & nested records7,490Rubyancestry, awesome_nested_set and 9 more »Easily and efficiently make your ActiveRecord model support hierarchies.
ActiveRecord: Versioning and auditing6,926Rubypaper_trail, audited and 4 more »Track changes to your models' data. Audit updates and keep a history of revisions.
Activity Tracking2,457Rubypublic_activity, rails_event_store »Track and display changes to your models, e.g. in an activity stream.
Admin Interfaces for Rails17,792Rubyrails_admin, active_admin and 10 more »Ready-made administration interfaces with authentication logics and nice DSLs for your Rails apps.
Advanced Querying with ActiveRecord10,386Rubyransack, squeel and 6 more »Retrieve data from complex queries, built easily.
Airplay1,758Rubyairplay, airstream and 1 more »Stream music and videos to Apple Airplay compatible devices from Ruby.
App Servers19,187Rubypuma, passenger and 9 more »Web application servers than run your deployed code efficiently. Can increase throughput on any platform.
Application Configuration Variables9,431Rubydotenv, figaro and 4 more »Configure your app with environment variables and more. Keep sensitive data out of your version control system.
Apps: Chat Servers5,327Webkandan, Balloons.IO and 1 more »Complete team chat apps for self-hosting and code review.
Apps: Miscellaneous2,234Rubypomodoro, boxroom and 4 more »Various open-source apps for the web or the command line, such as a Pomodoro time manager.
Assets9,928Rubyhelium-css, csscss and 3 more »Optimize stylesheets and javascript files before sending them to the browser by removing whitespace and more.
Autolinking and Embedding Content2,853Rubyauto_html, oembed and 4 more »Auto-extract and link urls from user inputs or tweet bodys.
Automating Web Interaction3,665Rubymechanize, watir-webdriver »Automatically visit websites, click links, fill out and submit forms.
Background Jobs26,010Rubysidekiq, resque and 8 more »Scale your web app by transferring long-running tasks from the web processes to dedicated background workers.
Barcodes52Rubybarkick, plu »Working with Barcodes, EANs, UPCs, ISBNs and PLUs.
Blogging Engines45,375Rubyjekyll, octopress and 18 more »Start publishing a blog or a static site.
Business Advice61WebDraftLearningToWalk »Various bits of good business writing by and for developers from around the web.
Capybara helpers11,296RubyDraftcapybara, email-spec »
Child processes874Rubychildprocess, posix-spawn and 1 more »Managing child processes made comfortable.
Cient-side Form Validations2,167Rubyclient_side_validations, html5_validators and 1 more »Pre-validate user input in the browser. Enable a great user experience.
Code quality metrics21,958Rubyrubocop, brakeman and 9 more »Get stats for your code. Where can you improve?
Command line: Customize your terminal40,991Weboh-my-zsh, dotfiles »Customize your terminal and speed up common operations with shortcuts and more.
Concurrency13,585Rubycelluloid, concurrent-ruby and 4 more »Create highly-concurrent gems and programs in Ruby. Base for great and speedy open-source projects.
Console: IRB Replacements7,266RubyDraftpry, hirb and 3 more »
Content Management Systems17,318Rubyrefinerycms, engine and 19 more »Open-source CMS in Ruby (cockpit is PHP)
Continuous integration servers10,217RubyDrafttravis-ci, janky and 4 more »Distributed build systems and CI servers.
Countries3,616Rubycountries, countries and 1 more »Select countries in Rails, get a lot of info and formatting help with country data. Includes infos on phone numbers, currencies, postal addresses and more.
Create PDF documents11,243Rubyprawn, wicked_pdf and 11 more »Want to print some PDFs in Ruby? Here are your options.
Debugging9,140RubyDraftpry, peek and 1 more »
Development: Development Machine Setup11,036RubyDraftlaptop, our-boxen and 5 more »
Edit in Place11,054Javascript, RubyDraftx-editable, mercury and 5 more »Edit content in place in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get style.
Fabricate Fake Data4,763Rubyfaker, ffaker and 1 more »Generate large amounts of fake data e.g. for testing purposes.
Feature Rollouts6,972RubyDraftscientist, rollout »
File Uploads22,863Rubypaperclip, carrierwave and 13 more »Uploading files and attaching them to models can be a hassle. These projects save your day. Send uploads to your server or directly to a storage providers such as Amazon's S3. Track attachments to your models.
Follow development44,471RubyDrafthuginn, watchman and 2 more »
Form Builders for Rails16,504Rubysimple_form, formtastic and 11 more »Generate complex forms with readable markup. These form builders help you manage nested associations and more.
Form Builders for Rails and Twitter Bootstrap1,177RubyDrafttwitter_bootstrap_form_for, formtastic-bootstrap and 1 more »Form builders that help generate markup that can be quickly styled with Twitter Bootstrap.
Form models7,873Rubyvirtus, reform »Tableless models. Including validation, and ActiveModel behaviour. Great for forms that create multiple records.
Forms: Spam Minimization1,512RubyDraftnegative-captcha, rakismet and 6 more »
Forum Engines21,588Rubydiscourse, forem and 2 more »Forum engines that work standalone or could be included into a Rails app. Building blocks for social networking capabilities of your app.
Fragment Caching1,168Rubymulti_fetch_fragments, cache_digests »Easily cache rendered view fragments to speed up your application.
Frameworks: Scripting & Command Line Applications10,098Ruby, JavascriptDraftthor, tty and 7 more »Build command line applications, and manage repetitive tasks with style.
Friendly Ids in ActiveRecord5,042RubyDraftfriendly_id, stringex and 2 more »Point users to nice urls, e.g. '' instead of ''.
Friendships5,893Rubycommunityengine, activerecord-reputation-system and 4 more »Build social networks, with friendships, liking and disliking of records, and messages between users.
Geocoding and maps12,858Rubygeocoder, Google-Maps-for-Rails and 7 more »Geocoding is the process of finding associated geographic coordinates (often expressed as latitude and longitude) from other geographic data, such as street addresses, or ZIP codes.
Git Servers18,534Webgitlabhq, bananajour »Self-hosted git servers for collaboration in development.
HTTP Clients20,428Rubyhttparty, rest-client and 14 more »Perform external HTTP requests with ease. Easily consume third-party APIs.
Hash Extensions2,559RubyDrafthashie, map and 4 more »
Interactions3,411Rubyinteractor, mutations »Compose business logic into commands that sanitize and validation input. Extends form objects and form models to perform defined transformations with your data.
Internationalizing Rails Apps1,142RubyDrafti18n-tasks, i15r »Allow your app to talk multiple language, display different time and currency formats and more.
Interview Training11,442WebFront-end-Developer-Interview-Questions, code-problems »Common questions for developers' job interviews. Be prepared, dude.
Learning Git62,744Webgitignore, gitflow and 5 more »Basic and advanced Git wizardry. Includes guides, workflows, branching models, and more.
Learning Ruby on Rails252Rubylearn-rails »Books, blog posts and screencasts helping with learning Rails in detail.
Learning: Ruby Basics7,156RubyDraftruby-warrior, ruby_koans and 4 more »
Logging4,946RubyDraftlograge, quiet_assets and 6 more »
Markdown parsers7,055Rubyredcarpet, kramdown and 5 more »Render markdown in a variety of formats, including HTML, RDoc, and more.
Mass assignment protection1,219Rubystrong_parameters »Allow users to only assign values for fields they may access.
Memcached Clients2,431Rubydalli »Interfaces to Memcached, an excellent key-value store for caching objects and response fragments.
Money and Currencies4,461Rubymoney, countries and 5 more »Working with multiple currencies, exchange rates and finances in general.
Multi-step Forms3,165Rubywicked, rails_apps_composer and 3 more »Create wizard forms with multiple steps for the user to fill.
Navigation1,750RubyDraftsimple-navigation, gretel and 2 more »Navigation and Breadcrums.
OCR & Document Processing699RubyDraftdocsplit »Extract Metadata, split and convert documents.
Onlineshops9,273Rubyspree, ror_ecommerce and 2 more »Complete open-source online shopping systems built on Ruby on Rails and API Clients for hosted shop solutions.
Open-Source Rails Apps19,501RubyDraftfat_free_crm, kandan »Learn from great open-sourced Ruby on Rails applications and improve your style.
Optimize: Code Conciseness5,078RubyDraftinherited_resources, responders and 4 more »
Pagination10,657Rubykaminari, will_paginate and 5 more »Display records in pages, and allow users to navigation those pages.
Parsers: JSON4,018RubyDraftoj, yajl-ruby and 5 more »
Payments with Paypal4,094Rubyactive_merchant, paypal-express »Accept online payments with Paypal.
Payments with Stripe11,139Rubyactive_merchant, skeuocard and 11 more »Get paid using Stripe for credit card processing.
Presentations5,346RubyDraftvimdeck, tkn and 2 more »
Presenters and decorators6,171Rubydraper, active_decorator and 2 more »Object-oriented programming for your views.
Profiling3,344RubyDraftruby-prof, perftools.rb »
Project Management Apps24,443Rubygitlabhq, redmine and 5 more »Self-hosted project management and collaboration apps, including source code and git hosting.
Rails App Generators & Bootstrapped Templates8,448RubyDraftsuspenders, rails-composer and 7 more »These repos will help you get started with your new Rails application.
Rails App Tutorials3,703RubyDraftrails-stripe-membership-saas, rails3-devise-rspec-cucumber and 6 more »
Realtime Rails apps1,282Rubysync »Turn your Rails apps into realtime experiences.
Routing796Rubyrouting-filter, route_translator »Localized routes, custom filters, and more.
Ruby & Rails Styleguides15,504RubyDraftruby-style-guide, rails-style-guide and 3 more »Write idiomatic and lasting Ruby and Rails code and learn about best practices.
Ruby Implementations19,769Rubyruby, mruby and 4 more »Implementations of the Ruby Language for a variety of platforms and use cases.
Rule-based actions1,280WebDraftmaid »'If this then that' for your local files.
Scheduling Recurring Background Jobs14,434RubyDraftwhenever, minicron and 4 more »Cron jobs for Ruby. Schedule jobs with a certain frequency, at certain times or events.
Search Engine Optimization6,091RubyDraftfriendly_id, meta-tags and 1 more »SEO for Rails apps.
Searching with ElasticSearch9,122Rubysearchkick, elasticsearch-rails and 4 more »Provide searching, filtering, and full-text searching capabilities for your applications. Integrate ElasticSearch with Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Update search indexes automatically on record changes with callbacks and observers.
Searching with Postgres2,541Rubypg_search, textacular »Full-Text Searching right within Postgres.
Searching with Solr2,944Rubysunspot, rsolr and 1 more »Working with the Solr search engine.
Searching with Sphinx1,615Rubythinking-sphinx, riddle »Full-text search with the Sphinx search engine.
Security5,951RubyDraftbrakeman, secureheaders and 1 more »
Send snail mail291Rubysnail, biggs and 2 more »Enable your app to send physical letters, printed by a lettershop. Validate incoming post adresses.
Serving Web Fonts230Rubyfont_assets, fistface »Set required HTTP headers on icon fonts and more.
Site-wide announcements194Rubypaul_revere »One-off announcements for your users.
Speeding up development6,593RubyDraftzeus, spring and 4 more »Start continuous testruns more quickly.
Spreadsheets7,373Rubyaxlsx, roo and 13 more »Import and export spreadsheet data in .xls and .csv formats and more.
State Machines9,544Rubystate_machine, aasm and 6 more »Transition between states in ActiveRecord and Mongoid.
Static Pages in Rails2,386RubyDrafthigh_voltage, pages »Include static pages in your Rails app.
Static Sites40,584Rubyjekyll, middleman and 18 more »Build static sites using all your favorite gems and compile them to HTML, CSS and Javascript when deploying.
Sublime Text Plugins29,182Webcolour-schemes, emmet-sublime and 18 more »Notable packages and themes for the Sublime Text Editor.
Syntax Highlighting3,175RubyDraftrouge, coderay »Server-side syntax highlighting for different languages.
System daemon helpers1,221Weblunchy »Starting and stopping system daemons.
Tables & Grids1,374RubyDraftdatagrid, wice_grid and 4 more »
Templating Engines15,612Rubyslim, liquid and 5 more »Craft your views with beautiful markup.
Testing Javascript3,114Rubyteaspoon, konacha and 1 more »Test runners for your javascript files running on top of Rails.
Testing: Custom RSpec Matchers8,391Rubybetterspecs, shoulda-matchers and 2 more »Matchers for special occasions.
Tests: Fabricate Objects6,834Rubyfactory_girl, fabrication and 2 more »Fabricator, factories, fixture replacements, whatever you'd like to call them. Use one of them in your test suite.
Texteditors40,880Webbrackets, textmate and 3 more »A bunch of great open-source text editors. Please note that open-source does not always mean free.
Translation interfaces1,775Rubycopycopter-server, shuttle »Bring your app to more users in different countries by allowing them to translate your service or customize text, even if you're using only one language.
Twitter Bootstrap for Rails Extensions3,782RubyDraftbh, simple_form-bootstrap and 6 more »
URL Parsers1,498Rubyaddressable, domainatrix »Split domains and urls into their various parts and more.
UUID Generators1,318RubyDraftuuid, uuidtools and 3 more »
Uptime Monitoring3,079Webuptime »Can users reach your service? If not, you'll instantly be notified.
User Authentication32,313Rubydevise, omniauth and 5 more »Allow users to authenticate with your app by providing them with dedicated user accounts. Authenticate with email and password or via Facebook or Twitter oAuth.
User Authorization19,671Rubycancan, pundit and 10 more »Authorize user actions on resources based on policies, abilities or roles. Authenticate your users beforehand.
User Input Rendering Pipelines255Rubyslodown »Multi-step processing for user inputs. Render Markdown, sanitize HTML, auto-link urls and embed external videos and photos in a pipeline.
Views: Tables1,780RubyDraftdatagrid, wice_grid and 6 more »
Vim Plugins61,502WebYouCompleteMe, spf13-vim and 8 more »Plugins for the Vim editor.
Web App Frameworks49,833Rubyrails, sinatra and 7 more »Comprehensive web application frameworks that help you develop web applications in style and speed. There's a variety of frameworks, each specializing in solving various challenges.
Web Crawling1,952Rubyupton, harvestman »Crawl and scrape websites with Ruby.
Web Scraping15,749RubyDraftscrapy, metainspector »
Websockets5,064Rubyem-websocket, einhorn and 2 more »Working with websockets in Ruby.
Wikis578RubyDraftolelo, gollum and 1 more »Ruby and Git-powered Wikis for self-hosting.
Working with Autocompleting Searches21,083Javascript, Rubytypeahead.js, awesomplete and 5 more »Autocomplete user inputs for a great user experience.
Working with Enumerations2,504Rubyenumerize, pacecar and 5 more »Enumeration helpers for ActiveRecord and Mongoid.
Working with Facebook10,049Rubyomniauth, koala »Gems and links that help with reading from and writing to Facebook.
Working with Github14,248Rubyomniauth, octokit.rb and 8 more »Interact with the Github API or authenticate users via oAuth.
Working with Heroku13,047Webforeman, dotfiles »Tips and tricks for deploying to Heroku.
Working with Incoming Emails2,888RubyDraftgriddler, mailman and 2 more »Receive and process inbound emails in Ruby and Rails.
Working with Key-Value Stores808RubyDraftmoneta, toystore and 1 more »ORMs and Interfaces for Key-Value Stores, including Redis et al.
Working with MongoDB2,205Rubymongomapper, moneta and 1 more »Object-relational mappers for MongoDB and further plugins.
Working with MongoId4,469Rubymongoid-slug, mongoid-rspec and 21 more »Plugins for the MongoId ORM, a great object-relational mapper for MongoDB in Ruby.
Working with NoSQL Datastores1,287RubyDraftcassandra, ripple and 1 more »Object-relational mappers for datastores such as Riak and Cassandra.
Working with Payments9,146Rubyactive_merchant, skeuocard and 12 more »Process payments in Ruby. Encourage users to pay you easily by credit card or Paypal. Manage subscriptions and your billing process.
Working with Phone Numbers5,639Rubylibphonenumber, countries and 4 more »Parse and validate international phone numbers.
Working with SMS2,185Rubytextbelt, twilio-ruby and 2 more »Send and receive short text messages. Send texts to mobile phones.
Working with Telephony1,893Rubytwilio-ruby, adhearsion and 3 more »Create telephone and conference calls and more for your business.
Working with Twitter16,850Rubyomniauth, twitter and 9 more »Access Twitter with a dedicated API client, or authenticate users via oAuth.
Working with time and dates7,857Rubychronic, groupdate and 4 more »Parse and format times and extract dates from natural language. Work with time or date ranges.
XML Parsers and builders6,574RubyDraftnokogiri, oga and 6 more »
oAuth Authentication and Servers11,671Rubyomniauth, doorkeeper and 9 more »Become an oAuth provider, and add oAuth authentication to your app. Add a security layer to your API.